Accidents are unplanned and unforeseen sudden events which harm persons or property. Accidents can happen at home, work, or outside the home such as in public places or on private property.

The most common association with the term accident is with motor vehicle crashes or with other forms of conveyance. But there are many other types whereby people or property can be adversely affected with damaged property, personal injury, or even death.

Accidents can be caused by uncontrollable circumstances such as acts of God, but many times they are as a result of some equipment failure, personal failure, or lack of judgment. When they are, Interprobe is often hired to identify the source of the accident and to learn who might be held responsible.

It goes without saying that every accident causes personal hardship, and when it is not your fault you certainly are entitled to hold accountable the person or persons responsible, and not be further victimized. Medical bills, repair bills, loss of work and many other factors make it incumbent on you to protect your rights, your future, and that of your family.

From simple slip, trip and fall accidents to fires, defective machinery or equipment, Interprobe has the experience and the knowledge to bring the facts to the forefront, so you and /or your attorney bring justice to you and your loved ones.