Child custody matters are fraught with many challenges for clients. In presenting a court with proof of the opposition parent’s unsuitability as a parent, you need strong evidence in support of your allegations. You may not get a second chance to your challenge.

Many questions linger such as

  • Is the opposition spouse or former spouse spending enough time with the children?
  • Are they leaving the child or children with someone else during their visitation or custodial time?
  • Do they leave the state or designated areas against a court order?
  • Do they remove the children from court supervised visitation?
  • Do they drink or use drugs in front of children?
  • Do they keep the children clean and provide the proper clothing, nutrition and medical care?
  • Is the spouse taking the children to unacceptable locations such as bars or to a paramour’s home?

There are many questions which may need to be answered, so you can challenge him or her’s parenting rights in a court of law. A challenge to these and other important questions requires an experienced and knowledgeable investigator. We are the investigators which can work with your attorney and the courts to correctly and finally resolve sensitive custodial issues.