Cohabitation is one of the more difficult challenges presented against spouses and former spouses under new court rulings. Oftentimes clients need to prove co-habitation when it involves alimony. In many cases alimony is suspended or reduced when a former spouse begins living with another person.

Investigators are familiar with the pitfalls in presenting cohabitation evidence. Many questions are often associated with cohabitation.

  • Is the third party visiting or do they really live together?
  • Does the third party keep another private residence, and do they do so as an excuse to disprove cohabitation?
  • More so, does cohabitation change child custody orders?

This and many other reasons require a keen knowledge of the laws and the tricks used against a legitimate challenger. We can provide the video or photographs and the necessary documentation to successfully prove or disprove cohabitation well beyond the usual, “He said she said."

Interprobe has the experience and has overcome many of these challenges. We are prepared to provide the answers to the tough questions, and to help bring your matter forward to a successful and lasting conclusion.