When you or your business is deceived for another’s personal gain, you are a victim of fraud. Fraud is a serious and prolific crime.

Today fraud is most often associated with internet scams, but it goes much deeper than the internet. Fraud is another form of theft which has been around since the dawn of time. Where it differs from theft is fraud invites the victim to believe in a falsehood to help the criminal deprive the unsuspecting victim of their valuables.

Anytime a person attempts to fool the victim into giving up their valuables he is committing a fraud. False charities, phony checks, pyramid schemes, and debt elimination scams are just a few perpetrated on private persons today. Insurance carriers and industry often face fraud when a person makes a false or overstated injury or property claim.

If you feel something sounds too good to be true or makes you uneasy, take your time and conduct more research before you get involved. Collect any information about the subject and confirm its accuracy before moving forward. If you find later you have been defrauded you can provide investigators information they can use to help expose and correct the injustice.

We often provide insurance carriers with prior injury investigations and surveillance to expose insurance fraud. Industries faced with worker’s compensation claims often require surveillance to confirm the level of injury.

In any case, in your case, Interprobe has the experience and the knowledge to obtain the required evidence to bring the offenders to justice.