At Interprobe, we have the experience you require to resolve sensitive issues facing private persons and families. Our police and private sector backgrounds have prepared us for most any eventuality. We understand and often undertake assignments when clients do not want to make public their private concerns to friends or anyone, including the authorities. By law we cannot divulge anything we learn in our investigation to anyone, even the police, unless authorized by our client.

We at Interprobe are known for our compassion dealing with clients and family members over sensitive matters and adversities, especially on those times when they may be stricken by some social failure or hardship.

We have helped thousands of people resolve their issues by applying our knowledge and expertise oftentimes before a situation escalates. With our help many have resolved issues in advance of courtroom battles, saving many thousands of dollars, countless time and heartache.

On the other hand, we are often instructed to work with our client’s attorney to assist them bringing their matter forward. We are familiar with legal procedures and are adept at working with counsel on a wide range of matters.

Matrimonial / Fidelity, neighbor disputes, child custody, missing persons, runaways, lost loves /family members, solving crimes, criminal defense, and workers compensation, are some of the services with which we are well acquainted.