Business & Industry

At Interprobe, we believe that it is our responsibility to help you return your company to a safe, worry-free, and profitable environment. Our mission is to help restore an atmosphere free of internal and external issues, allowing you to focus on providing services to your customers at the highest possible level.
We serve business and industry with principles learned over our many years. We have earned our reputation by a unique ability to resolve the difficult issues businesses often face, especially in these troubling times.

Recognizing the significance of each client’s concerns, regardless of their business’s financial ranking, is tantamount to our success. We have worked with industry leaders in the highest of Fortune 100 corporations, and with neighborhood shop owners, each with equal attention to detain, and with the same level of importance.

Vetting and Background checks, theft, security and threat assessments, insolent or dangerous employees, work place violence, due diligence, undercover operatives, gray market, knock-offs, in short, most any adversity affecting your workplace