When serving insurance carriers or legal professionals, our mission is to become your eyes and ears, bringing to your desk the information you require to bring your case to a swift and satisfactory resolution.

Our impeachable honesty and integrity is never challenged. In every forum, our reports and testimony are taken as gospel.

For nearly 40 years Interprobe has based its business on serving, top law firms, and insurance carriers. The data we provide has helped them to become better informed, and everyone knows information is power. We empower you with the confidence your decisions are based on facts, facts derived from our research. We listen carefully and follow your instructions. Investigators focus on your expectations, and in addition to results orientation we apply our talent and experience to minimize cost. Over the years this simple strategy has had professionals returning over and over again.

Surveillance, statement taking, interviews, site photos, prior injuries, or complete investigation of facts, product liability, and worker’s compensation. We have the talent and resources to meet nearly every requirement.

When it comes to experience, we cannot be outdone.