Uniquely qualified in investigating major crimes, clients often choose Interprobe to run concurrent or follow-up criminal investigations. Our clients are often attorneys, but are also private persons.

Called upon because of our police training and experience*, we understand both sides of criminal issues when working for the victim of a crime, or for the defense of the innocent.

Unlike law enforcement, we can spend the time necessary to focus all our energy on your problem. We frequently exploit another distinct advantage, that is, we are not hampered by complex regulations which often tie the hands of law enforcement. Working under the authority provided us under NJ Statute [N.J.S.A. 45:19-9(a) 1-9]; we can investigate any state or federal crime, or any wrongdoing against any entity, including private persons.

Undeterred by the gravity or extent, we have successfully investigated numerous crimes, none the least are homicide, atrocious assault, rape, burglary, theft, organized crime, official misconduct, and many more.

*Our owner, James L. Marino is a former police officer, police detective and county sheriff. Each investigation is conducted under his direction and tutelage.