Missing persons investigations cover many levels of urgency. Our more common investigations include missing heirs, missing witnesses, missing family, friends, and schoolmates. However the highest level of importance is given to a missing juvenile. Whether a runaway or missing for another unknown reason.

In matters such as this time is of the essence. Minutes or even seconds can make a difference. Even when authorities are called, it becomes important to exploit every possible resource as soon as possible. Interprobe is one of your best alternate resources. Has a child been snatched by a stranger or another family member? Is the person intentionally missing? Does the missing person have a mental disability or age related memory loss? Does the missing person have a dependence on certain medications?

These are just a few of the many possible concerns you may have. Interprobe is known to quickly amass huge amounts of personnel over a wide expanse. This has proven to be extremely important over depending entirely on law enforcement.

Interprobe has successfully located many missing persons. Working for private families, attorneys and businesses, we have attained a high level of success locating missing persons.