At times defective or dangerous products are the cause of personal injuries. Other times people injure themselves because they misuse a product. Tools and equipment are prime examples where injuries sometimes occur.

Manufacturers and sellers may be held responsible for making the product in question available to the injured party. Investigations target whether there were design or manufacturing defects, or whether there was inadequate instructions and warnings on the product. Investigators also look into whether the consumer was properly or improperly using the product. There may be a question of whether the injured party altered the product in a way to cause his or her own injury.

In addition we are called upon at times to conduct surveillance of the injured party, as some people are unscrupulous. We may monitor and record the activities of the injured party to confirm their claim allegations.

In either case, Interprobe has conducted hundreds of Product Liability investigations. We have the knowledge and experience to bring valued information to the forefront which often may make or break your court challenge.