Theft by definition is the act of stealing. It occurs when someone takes property from another without their permission, with the purpose of depriving them of it.

Theft is a serious crime punishable under the law.

There are many ways theft can take place, through robbery, embezzlement, burglary, shoplifting, confidence crimes, and so many more ways.Strangers or even family members can steal from you. Today theft is also frequently found occurring over the internet. Identity theft, and credit card theft is something we all hear about almost daily.

The best way to combat theft is through prevention. Be vigilant. Avoid scams and be wary of anything which appears too good to be true. However you can’t be everywhere and watch over everything you own. Thieves know this and exploit it every chance they get.

If you feel you have been a victim of theft begin a diary of all events surrounding the incident as soon as possible, and provide that information to investigators. Possible names, description of possible suspects, license plate numbers, times and dates, your suspicions, anything which you believe might help.

Interprobe investigates theft and sources of loss, in retail, warehouses, factories, and in the home. We employ the latest techniques including polygraph, interview and interrogation, hidden cameras and surveillance. We have the knowledge and experience to help you combat theft before, and when necessary after it occurs.