Worker’s compensation matters affect two opposing groups, the employer and the victim /injured. Each is entitled to the protections and benefits under the law. Many claims go unchallenged. Other claims might be contested.

If the injured party’s claim is contested by the employer, they need an investigator to collect witness statements, photograph the location, source and cause of the injury. Prompt investigation by an unbiased third party can prove the veracity of their claim. Without bias and professional, Interprobe is the resource often called upon when they need that extra assurance their claim will be processed efficiently and successfully.

Employers are also challenged when unscrupulous employees make false injury claims. The outcome to an employer can have a detrimental effect on their business and even profitability. Increased insurance rates, civil suits and investigation by government agencies can spiral out of control. When a claim is made there is an immediate need for witness interviews, and site photographs. An investigation of the claimant can also determine how many, and how often he has sued before, and can answer questions about similar or the same prior injuries.

Oftentimes businesses conduct their own internal investigation. Never the less, to avoid any appearance of an impropriety, it is always a good idea to employ an unbiased third party. Interprobe has the experience and knowhow, and has previously investigated hundreds of claims.